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Creative Short Documentary

Director: S. Buse Yıldırım

Music: Suat Armağan Koçak

Producer: Lita House of Production

Date of production: 2019

"Ghostly is designed to be the artistic interpretation of an academic study for the Freie Universitat Berlin’s Visual and Media Anthropology department. The research explores the patterns in the emplacement of the new wave migration movement; namely, the recent highly-skilled migration from Turkey to Berlin. In the research, the structure of this trajectory in place-making stretches from displacement to emplacement; from the confrontations with the language barrier to the sense of solidarity in online and offline milieus. The audio-visual style of the film comes from from these waves and traces of reflections the ¨New Wavers¨ create as they are forced to experience a new sense of scattered space and belonging. Therefore, Ghostly does not follow a linear structure, but it rather flows as a collection of anonymous and abstracted memories, moments and stories." Source

Ghostly (Preview)Suat Armağan Koçak


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